Well done. Further support for the adage "religion is the last refuge for a scoundrel", especially a socially and culturally indulged and privileged scoundrel.

Amusing. I was making coffee, as a child, for adults for quite some time before I was ever able to bring myself to actually drink the stuff. And of course it had to be heavily ladened,with cream and sugar, heavily ladened. One cup was usually more than enough. It wouldn't really be finished, as it were. So then I decided to cut my sugar intake (different long story). And it occurred to me I should drink coffee black. No additives whatsoever, just me and the caffeine. And a funny thing happened. I liked black coffee. …

The day before I read your brilliantly thoughtful and informative piece, I was thinking about my childhood in St. Louis, Missouri. During the summers of the 1960s and 1970s. a popular entertainment was a river cruise on the party ship the SS Admiral. https://www.builtstlouis.net/admiral01.html

The trips were fun, however, I would always find myself looking at the stones that lined the wharf area knowing that they had been placed most likely by Black slaves.

The final scene of the film An Unmarried Woman features Jill Clayburgh carrying a large unwieldy art piece down a busy New York City street. She's just broken up with her lover the artist and has refused to return to her unfaithful ex-husband. Made quite an impression on me at age 18.

thank you. The charts were very helpful.

Loved this line: "...just a little wobbly, like a newborn fawn. An overweight, middle-aged fawn."

So Bambi, it's all good, really. Even the tears. We haven't done enough public grieving yet. Thanks for getting it started. Sniff,

It is amazing how a long walk can clear your mind. I took such a walk on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 mentally fuming at Tucker Carlson’s rant about how parents who have their children wear face maks during the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. are committing acts of child abuse. His insistence that such parents should be reported to police authorities and child welfare agencies. …

While reading this I thought about Adjoa Andoh's speech as the formidable Lady Danbury explaining about how she taught herself to be the fiercest person in the room.

As my namesake had to have her father turn her into a tree when she got caught between Apollo and Eros in bad fit of sibling rivalry and I got shot with the silver arrow, I am so with you Sister! Where do these moderns get off? Do they have no understanding of classical mythology? Do they really think that Shera was just a cartoon? I'm going to send a thunderbolt over to Kali-Ma and the three of us and Lady Oya need to plan something.

Daphne Macklin

Veteran Cat Servant

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