Amusing. I was making coffee, as a child, for adults for quite some time before I was ever able to bring myself to actually drink the stuff. And of course it had to be heavily ladened,with cream and sugar, heavily ladened. One cup was usually more than enough. It wouldn't really be finished, as it were. So then I decided to cut my sugar intake (different long story). And it occurred to me I should drink coffee black. No additives whatsoever, just me and the caffeine. And a funny thing happened. I liked black coffee. Liked it a lot, cups and cups of it, and then there were the shakes.

My relationship with coffee has matured. I have high blood pressure and anxiety issues. Coffee doesn't help. I have had to learn to appreciate coffee like a wine drinker. I thank being homeless and how while doing a spot of couch surfing I developed a relationship with good coffee and most excellent varietals at a local coffee place that does not have a mermaid for a logo.

Now, if I want a cup of coffee, it is the same way that a wine snob wants to try a new pour. I take my time with what I'm drinking. I like to savor the taste, the aroma. I have only disdain for those who rush to get a cup that will be cold when they to the office. I mean if somethng is going to kill me, I should seriously enjoy it.



Veteran Cat Servant

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