Braids. That was my ultimate and happiest solution. Yes they were extensions but they were so low maintenance compared to all that I had been through. Of course I tired of them, after several years, and went back to the bi-monthly perm. Haven’t been able to afford that for a while so now I have a mainly white but dark in the black, kinky looking but amazing soft to the touch head of, well, hair. You appreciate the stuff when you have had friends and acquaintances lose their hair to chemotherapy as they fight, (often unsuccessfully) some form of cancer.

I find it interesting that you should publish this article the day after I found myself admiring an ample, ok make that lush, flow of perfectly locked locks. So glad that standards of hair beauty have shifted away from the “Marcel Wave”. Like I said earlier, once you’ve had friends lose their hair while in the fight for their lives, so much of this all is just irrelevant.


Veteran Cat Servant

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