Danielle Bregoli has been failed by a system that prefers to distract individuals from solving their real problems than frankly addressing the problem. I see in Danielle a young woman (a badly neglected and poorly nurtured young female psyche) that has bought into the perspective that she has little worth except as she fits or not within a system of male expectations. This includes an attitude of defiance that is secretly applauded by the penis/penal system. Note what she is wearing: the female version of the wife beater undershirt, obviously not a bra, pants with a camo pattern. The logo uses phonetic spelling to justify misspelling all set off by the faux heroine’s pouty glare. In short angry sexy.

There is nothing new about this young woman. There were famous female members of the gangs of old New York.

What these wild children needed were parents. What most young women who behave as Ms. Bregoli has behaved get is prison.


Veteran Cat Servant

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