Dear Wayne Allen Root

Daphne Macklin
2 min readJun 29, 2017


So, the fact that I am a liberal of the female persuasion who also happens to love (and have had many) cats means that I am categorically a castrating man-hating female dog?

Wow. Seriously dude, is this the best you can come up with?

Has it ever occurred to you that many women have rather righteous reasons for being angry at men, ok, a man, but I admit that in a lot of cases, the problem is that a woman’s unhappiness at one man, or even a few men, can turn into vicious, mean, manipulative and exploitative behaviors that can impact lots of, dare I say, nice guys. Sorry about that. Being collateral damage just sucks.

Look, I get that you may not like my politics. I get that you feel threatened by a woman who has more education than you, got better grades in school than you did, hell even went to better schools than the ones that you were able to get into. But your feelings are not my fault.

I get it that you are offended that some women are no longer willing to accept not getting equal pay for equal work. Its pretty unfortunate to think that many women do not want to be your chief cook, bottle washer, laundress, errand runner and personal bartender and cocktail waitress. The fact that these same women also do not want to share your bed, satisfy your sexual needs or even give birth to children that you have sired, is probably very, very demoralizing. Again, your feelings about this are not my fault or the fault of any woman who declines to fit into any of the categories mentioned above.

Look, I get that having your sense of race and gender privilege and entitlement challenged by individuals that you have been conditioned to experience as lesser beings is kinda of a drag. I wish I could dredge up some compassion, but I’m just not feeling it. We lesser beings can be a tad unforgiving.

So now that I know how you feel, can I ask you this question: do you dislike liberals of the male persuasion if they also happen to have cats?