Go Chanda!!! I started the sticking out like a sore thumb thing when I was 10 and was assigned to a “gifted” program that was located in what was in the language of school desegregation “an underutilized white school”. Then there was high school, only one like me in my class. Wow. Talk about how to screw up your child’s teen years, and did I mention, no dating white boys too?

First, I loved your story about your encounters with Dr. Tyson. Second, so, so necessary for you to ‘splain that it is non-sensical to keep pushing this model minority “bs” and representative of your (fill in the blank). The editor of the article and the publisher of the magazine owe Tyson an apology. Or maybe they should just go Tavis Smiley and apologize to us all.

Veteran Cat Servant