I am a Black woman who has no interest in and even less time for the likes of Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham. Yes, I give them their due as entertainers who happen to be women who are pushing the edges of comedy from a feminist perspective. Yes and thank you for that, but how do I say this without sounding crass, ladies, your idea of funny isn’t my idea of funny. Call it age (these women could be my daughters), call it class, I was raised by an African American sorority woman and I so failed her standards for acceptable daughterness but yes, I agree with the writer, its mostly about race. I get that the original piece was about a woman feeling insecure and looked over by what was in most people’s standards, a very desirable man. So, here’s a way to look at it all: Lena, you know that feeling that “he was just not that in to you”, for some of us, it’s not a feeling, its a way of life. My hair was wrong (nappy and short); my skin was wrong (high yalla in the age of Black is beatiful); my eyes were wrong (that’s a story I won’t go into because it is not at all funny); and my size was all wrong (fat but not fat enough or not fat in the right places) and mind you this is what I was getting from my parents!!!

So now do you see why I have a different version of funny? Been ignored by that kind of guy for about as long as I can remember. Got over it a long time ago.


Veteran Cat Servant

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