I am increasingly concerned that so much of the progress that was made earlier in my life has stagnated. Your article raises serious issues about how much the maltreatment of young black women, simply black girls, has erupted into a series of unnoticed problems. Problems with long long term consequences, i.e. children born to mothers with criminal histories who go into the foster care system where they are further stigmatized and marginalized. There are only two instances in the media (other than the film Precious) where these issues were at least presented although the incident involving the young Black woman was not the central character. The first was the film Antwone Fisher where the central character finally has a brief confrontation with his biological mother. The other event was part of the series The Wire that focused on four adolescent boys. A deeply frustrated young girl clearly tired of being teased for having dark skin and being physically heavy by other girls lashes out by slashing one of her tormenters with a knife. The boy who will ultimately become a killer is the only person in the room who comforts the girl who was the slasher.

I wonder if having more female writers, directors and producers could result in a greater exploration of these issues from a female perspective. Your work is encouraging of that perspective.

Veteran Cat Servant

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Daphne Macklin

Daphne Macklin

Veteran Cat Servant

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