I considered one day an experience I had in court a few years back. It was a criminal docket and I, female and short, was totally surrounded by the other attorneys, at least 10 or so. The courtroom audience seats were full. At the counsel tables at the front of the court room were at least five or so people for both the defense and the prosecutors offices and several women visibly pregnant. Then there was the judge and the bevy of clerks and the bailiffs who were bring ing up groups of the in-custody arraignment defendants, male and female in groups of six to eight caged in a small area where they had to whisper to their attorneys at an extremely close range. That memory has become something of a nightmare in the age of COVID-19. We can never go back to this sort of aggregation of people of any age.

Veteran Cat Servant

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Daphne Macklin

Daphne Macklin

Veteran Cat Servant

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