I do not know if I have posted this on Medium, but here is my queer Black folk story. I had a real life fairy godfather. Of course no one really knew that at the time, but my Godfather Eskridge worked at the Post Office where he connected with my father, also a Black WW II vet who used his veteran's status to get a good federal job. My Dad was finishing his education at what was the Negro teacher's college operated by the then very segregated St. Louis Public School system. Harris-Stowe University is now part of the University of Missouti System.

Godfather Eskridge was very dutiful and always remembered my birthday. When I was 10, he gifted me some stock shares. When I decided to go to law school, the stock shares were sold and covered my tuition. Godfather died a few years after I graduated and my mother was shocked when his obituary referred to a male long-term companion.

He had retired from the Post Office with savings from his stock dealing.

I owe him my career.



Veteran Cat Servant

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