I just left the Imagine Justice concert in Sacramento featuring singer, actor rapper Common. The whole idea of a crowd, big crowd, showing up on a Monday night (both a work and a school night) seemed a little odd to me, but there they were — lots and lots and lots of people. On the view screen the crowd looked huge. All I know is that I had fought my wait to the very front of the staging area only to be told (by phone) that I had gone to the wrong side of the stage. Another 20 minute slog through a surging crowd that resulted in well, failure of a sort. Could not connect with my friends.

I did connect with a large group of African-American, Hispanic and all sorts of other people. There were the usual concert/party goers, but this crowd also included (given the sponsors) lots of people, especially men, who knew each other from what had to have been a sad, sad place in their personal histories. But this event was about the next America. It looks beautiful and colorful and everyone, everyone is full of soul.

Glad your dad made it.


Veteran Cat Servant

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