I see disrespect.

Daphne Macklin
1 min readFeb 20, 2019

The smirking kid in the MAGA cap.

This is the Rorschach test of political correctness for 2019. Is the youth being disrespectful or is he being dissed? Was he the victim of racially based harassment or media/social media network system out of control?

Am I siding with the Native American elder because he is man close to my own age? Am I not liking the youth as I have been informed that he was part of a group of boys’ prep school students who had come to Washington, D.C. as part of the annual pro-life demonstration? Did I not capitalize some words in the previous sentence because I have issues with that political/social philosophy? Did I not mention the religion of the young man or the southern state he is from to unmoor him from polarizing identifications?

It has now been reported that the youth and his parents are suing the Washington Post for defamation. They are asking for millions.

I suggest that the attorneys for the newspaper offer to settle for 2 cents.