I so agree with you and I feel not at all bad for taking such an outrageous and outlandish position. I used to work for the ACLU, so what Ms. Griffin did is well within the bounds of the First Amendment, if not good taste.

As for the cartoons we all know exist of the Obamas, let me put it this way: remember that New Yorker cover, yeah, that one. Had me steamed for a week.

I appreciate that the Secret Service is concerned. It’s their job. A comedienne engaging in grossly sophmoric political humor is more than likely the least of their worries at the moment.

Me, I am not accepting Ms. Griffin’s apology. She didn’t depict someone being dragged to the guillotine. Of course the English did deal rather harshly with James II and as that happened in 1688 and is technically part of our political history given the North American colonies were being settled about this time. Well I’m just point out that that whole divine right of kings/despots/dictators just has a way of not working out sometimes.

Just sayin’


Veteran Cat Servant

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