Let me be the nay-sayer here. What did you think you were getting into by becoming a parent ? You have a child, you have a husband, you are in a marriage and yet this is the source of a more than 5 minute read that felt like an extended pity party. Look, I took the career. I coped with infertility. I am finishing the bad relationship which by choosing the relationship meant that family was out of the question because family with someone who is bi-polar is a non-starter (or at least it should be).

Maybe the problem is this: our culture is not honest about parenting and our culture is not supportive of parents. I hope that you and your partner and your child find your way through the knot. I don’t have those options because I took another path. And yes I envy you.

Veteran Cat Servant

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Daphne Macklin

Daphne Macklin

Veteran Cat Servant

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