Let’s start with the pragmatics: Six children? I take the position that three from one family is more than enough and limiting the caretaking to those children would have been more than enough. But then let’s look at the fact that these children were in a positive family placement that was disrupted because, duh, the caretaker relative allowed the birth mother to have contact with the chilren? Was that some type of a mortal sin? Was it a death penalty worthy problem? Did the family member have an attorney to challenge the removal? Did the children have their own counsel? Most likely not.

For many years the National Association of Black Social Workers took a position that was opposed to trans-racial adoptions. Reverse racism? Possibly. How about an experience-based opinion of the risks that such placements can pose if not properly observed and managed?

Child welfare and well-being is very low on society’s priorities. On the other hand if you consider the problems that result from our chronic neglect of children an entirely different perspective is needed. Patrick Purdy, the shooter in the Stockton Cleveland Elementary School incident was a foster care child.


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