Many years ago when I was fresh out of law school, I served as a rape crisis volunteer counselor. One night, an awful night, I must have talked to four different women, I was asked to help with a young woman who had just been brought into the ER by the police. She had been abducted, sexually assaulted and then abandoned in an isolated area where her rapist must have thought no one would help her. He was wrong, but not that it mattered. He was Black and he played on the fact that by speaking out against him, she would be sending another Black man to prison. What I saw was that she was letting a dangerous person continue to run lose in my community, making me unsafe. This is why the racism of the criminal justice system is so so pernicious. I get the women who are incensed about Brock Turner’s “sentence”. I just wish they would be just as incensed about the ones who get away by guilt-tripping their victims.


Veteran Cat Servant

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