Ms. Tyson’s achievement comes in the face of pop culture. Television, particularly in the age of cable, has all but killed off live theater. If the African American community wants to produce more Cicely Tyson’s as opposed to flashes in the pan who will remain nameless, it is time to re-energize groups like the Negro Ensemble Company that brought great plays to small community theater groups in out of the way places like St. Louis, MO. I remember seeing “Ceremonies for Dark Old Men” and being totally amazed by performances that went for and beyond the live-action cartoon characters on television. Similarly the Dance Theater of Harlem and the Alvin Ailey Company created within me a love of dance qua dance and Black experience inspired dance that are deep sources of pleasure and enjoyment.

Or maybe its just time to put an arts appreciate curriculum back in public schools. Just sayin.


Veteran Cat Servant

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