Oh the pain! My feline lord and master so agrees with this writer. He wanted me to let you know that this diet thing "look you get fed twice a day. No begging." It is just not to his liking. And then there is the "what you haven't left yet? How am I supposed to take advantage of that warm spot you left in the middle of the bed, under the blankets. Why are you back in the bed? On a week day!"

BJ feels very, very wronged. I am translating what he told me on his last sneak attack when he landed squarely on the laptop keyboard. "I am refusing to appear in any more Zoom cameos. Unless they're paying union scale, I will not do video!"

As a human servant, I had no idea how tough it would get with no down time for the both of us. Everyday is a weekend. This has got to stop.



Veteran Cat Servant

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