One of the great tragedies of youth is the belief that you, the young person, are always right and are totally misunderstood and no one has ever felt like you feel. One of the great advantages of age, is understanding that youth is a time of testing and exploration and even the making of mistakes as one, struggles, for lack of a better word, to create a coherent, truthful personal identity.

That being said, I had never heard of Tomi Lahren before this article. Reviewing the responses and what she has said, this is an individual who has watched the likes of Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin and Peggy Noonan among others, and has decided to model her persona on these women as her personal role models. As I noted in the preceding paragraphs, it is possible and even necessary to struggle and make mistakes as that is what youth is about.

Rather than promoting to Ms. Lahren and her political stylings as the conservative ingenue of the moment, consider doing these two things: identify someone who is creative and effective and contributing to the improvement of lives other than her own. My sense is that these young women are in medical school or law school, working as teachers and public defenders, creating architecture and housing and schools and who (blessedly) are not into fame for its own sake.



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