Please stop being “patient” and start the revolution yourself. The young Black mayor of Stockton, California is pioneering the concept of a guaranteed income support in one of the poorest cities in California. I am sure that if the “liberal” media really looked, it would find a great many young people involved in political life and in making progressive politics a reality. Consider the young man (too young to vote) who is running for Governor of Kansas. Heard him interviewed on NPR this morning, more than a thoughtful kid.

Presently we are dealing with the political fall-out from 8 years of “so we elected a good guy, so let’s go back to the usual sniping and shooting our left foot selves in the left foot.” Enough of this, really. In my humble opinion Hilary Clinton was not the perfect candidate but she was not the witch that she has been portrayed as being (by the left and the right), in fact if she had been male her credentials and experience (other than being First Lady) would have been impeccable. But once again, the best got in the way of “good enough” which was really all that was needed.

So instead of sniping at the young Kennedy, could you use some of that energy to say elect a Democratic Congress. Aiming your fire at something that needs to be hit is the first rule of winning any battle.


Veteran Cat Servant

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