Quitting Time

Daphne Macklin
2 min readJan 22, 2021


The Cat Says You’re Done

My newest cat has a large name, bigger than he is at the moment, Thomas Olivier DuMaurier. Wtih a name like that it figures that he takes my using my computer to write very seriously.

Olivier (he goes by his middle name) is the first cat I have ever had to take any interests in a touch screen computer. Actually he really enjoys what he can do with a pat or even a full on step or even walking across a screen. It may have something to do with how I react.

It has also occurred to him that my obsession with electronic devices detracts from my duties as his dutiful servant. As I type this now, he is glowering at me. A loud rumbling purr has turned into a mew in a tone that feels like he is shaking a paw at me full of dissatisfaction.

He is after all a growing kitten. I should be more mindful of his needs, his demands really. He is now sitting on the yoga mat that has been turned into a floor mat for his comfort, enjoyment and shredding pleasure. It is that look that only cats can give a servant who is not behaving appropriately. His back is turned to me. Abject dismissal.

I know I should apologize. Get him some more food. Ply him with pets and snuggles. Whatever could I be doing with a machine that is more interesting than interacting with one of the feline persuasion?

He’s right. My work day is over. I shall now devote myself to the pleasure and well-being of my cats. I have been so remiss in my duties.