Read the article. Thoughtfully done. The point is not confusion. At least not from my perspective. The point is to know where you are coming from as a reader/consumer of news content/citizen/reactor. When I have discussed the image of the smirking kid clearly being disrespectful of a Native American elder with a person of color, the response is the same, the tone of voice is the same. Similar with most women.

What I did notice is that the white dominated/white male owned media felt utterly compelled to (a) come up with excuses for the young man’s conduct; (b) make it the fault of the wild Negroes; ( c ) make it the fault of Elder Phillips; (d) not and absolutely insist that one Donald Trump has no part in this whatsoever (screaming hysterically).

I keep coming back to what I would have done. Because it is not something I am proud of I am stuck with doing the next better thing: demanding a better teaching of American history, cause damn, straight up stupidity is not getting any of us anywhere.


Veteran Cat Servant

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