Rich crazy and poor crazy are two different things. I get that Mr. West has some challenges which are not helped by the fact that he famous, considered to be a genius and celebrated when he should be censured. As a rich crazy, West will be treated as eccentric, possibly wise and maybe worth listening to because he is, you know, Kanye. On the other hand, I’ve seen the poor version of the same type of crazy. She was a dark skinned Black woman who had slathered pink pancake make-up all over her face, red lipstick on her mouth, and she had plopped a blonde wig on her head. I recall she had gone so far as put the pink makeup on her hands and arms. She was also abominably unkempt and unbathed. I recall that the junior high school kids who frequently rode the bus had a horrible name for her, jeered and her and then made a point of running of the bus in front of her. I got off the bus too, by the back door. Heartbroken that there was nothing that I could do for her, and clearly nothing that anyone else had been able or willing to try.


Veteran Cat Servant

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