Thank you Ely. I would like to take your point a little further: Shakespeare is actually all over popular culture: the new television hit series Empire — all about King Lear; every crime drama you have ever seen, all about MacBeth; Henry the V’s rousing speech on the eve of the Battle of Agincourt — pretty much lifted for Aragorn in LOTR: Return of the King; the President before he flies off to battle the aliens in Independence Day; and Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister has done a version of the speech twice on Game of Thrones for two different battles. Ms. Dusbiber is doing her students no favors by not exposing them to Shakespeare. She is also not taking advantage of the community resources in Sacramento which include two Shakespeare festival performance groups, a well-respected community theater (Sacramento Theater Company) as well as the respected California State University Sacramento Theater program.

Not teaching Shakespeare would have been a firing offense at the suburban (pretty much all white except for, what four of us) I attended which was a school where almost all students were going to college. All the more important to bring Shakespeare to communities where higher education is (falsely) not considered to be an option.

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