Thank you for this. Now for Drew's evil sisters. They're older girls, let's say their 40's and there's this guy at the office, a bit of a dweeb, still lives with his mother, taking about a course a semester at one of the local community colleges. So for a bit of fun they tell him the office hot momma is kinda sweet on him, encourage him to sit next to her at the office potluck. Hot Momma is no fool, she knows the guy has a secret, one he won't even admit to himself, but she'll play along to amuse herself and her gal pals. ...

Well my version of this story IRL doesn't work out well for the butt of this cruel 'mean girls grown old' joke. He gets accused of sexual harassment, gets a bad write up from a male boss who's had a thing for Hot Momma, and he's gone to the casinos a few times with the Mean Girls, without their husbands. Dweeb gets laid off from his job and ends up working for a temp agency. This makes things a little tough at home because Dweeb's income pays for a lot of his mother's expenses. Her Social Security doesn't go as far as she thinks.

Sexual harassment is nasty no matter who does it and who it gets done to.


Veteran Cat Servant

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