Thank you for writing this. Thank you for writing this. Thank you for writing this.

The doctor in Chicago was murdered at her work place, a place where many victims of domestic violence lose their lives. And the media made this about the police officer who was killed,which is important but certain deserved some type of parallel emphasis. The teacher who was murdered while her children watched was killed by a man who had been a trial court judge and who had been released early on the recommendation of several people including a Black woman Member of Congress, herself a former prosecutor.

More than two Black women have been murdered in the past few days by men poisoned by toxic masculinity, the exact numbers are unknown because we are not asking for that information. We must start. We have to start viewing domestic violence as a hate crime encouraged by a culture of oppression that teaches subservience.

Thank you for raising a voice to demand that this stop, NOW!

Veteran Cat Servant