Thank you Mr. Older for stating the problem from the often unheard and unconsidered perspective. I do not however disavow my support for the writers’ group statement. Yours is a different statement from a different set of voices. Both statements spring from the same source: an impulse, well frankly, an imperative to respond to the mainstream media’s “white washing” (as it were) of Donald Trump’s mining of the shadow strain/force within American politics and political history.

Perhaps there is a positive in this sad, tragic ugly conflict: on at least two occasions the mainstream media unintentionally presented the conflicts around race and entitlement as starkly as ever. A few days ago on CNN a female Trump spokesperson used the term “those people” clearly referring to people of color. A Black woman who is frequently a surrogate for the Sanders campaign responded appropriately and aggressively to this coded language insult. Eventually, Don Lemon himself had to respond to the Trump supporter’s statement and her unwillingness to acknowledge any racial animus in her use of the term. The woman’s face conveyed her defiance more clearly than anything she had said. This week, a Trump supporter interviewed in Sacramento said that she supported Trump because he says “what we are thinking”. The woman then spouted the usual opposition to “political correctness” which she opined got in the way of action being taken.

Perhaps we have Donald Trump to thank for forcing all elements of American society, to confront the fantasy of a post-racial America.

Veteran Cat Servant

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Daphne Macklin

Daphne Macklin

Veteran Cat Servant

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