The problem with democratic governments is that some times not the best person is in charge when all h#!! breaks loose. What to do? What to do?

Two choices: one is the wax sadly about how bad things are. The other is to put together the game plans and strategies necessary to get the problem solved and if possible move the problematic leadership to the exit. I am not liking our options in the present circumstances. This is of course a situation where diplomacy (not the leader’s strong suit) is essential. This is also a situation where being clear and firm is required (again not in the current leadership’s wheelhouse). So, what to do, what to do? Wringing hands and gnashing teeth, not really good solutions.

So, we need to find a voice that is respected, thoroughly, to make very clear that game plan looks like this: no body gets to mess with us and not pay a very serious price and while we have some internal leadership problems, we are not going to give up our core principles solve them.

Oh and the next time we get someone in the job who has a clue, let’s not spend his or her 4 years in office whining, about anything, ever.


Veteran Cat Servant

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