There are a few things missing from your otherwise most excellent essay that put the predicament of one Roseanne Barr in more complete perspective. First, the ABC executive who ultimately axed the show was a woman of color. Also one of the producers and writers was Black comedian Wanda Sykes. And one of the new characters on the program was the lead characters mixed race (as in half Black) granddaughter.

Barr closed out her third act many years ago, and was living in the sort of general obscurity recommended for celebrities of a certain age in the satirical comedy “Death Becomes Her”. The resurgence of the sort of foul-mouth and foul-tempered humor that was Barr’s wheelhouse encouraged her return to public life. And, some entertainment executive’s lack of actual experience with White working class people lead to the deluded belief that a reboot of the Roseanne series, complete with let’s just forget that John Goodman died on the original series, could work. I did not like the original program. I had no interest in the reboot. The fact that anyone did is evidence of the utter lack of imagination in the world of popular entertainment.

As long as Barr is viewed as a clown, her racist behaviors can be discounted and forgiven. No. Not now, not ever. Please go back to your farm in Hawaii Ms. Barr. And you in the executive suite at ABC/CapCities/Disney, get to work on something new and entertaining. That is your job, right?



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