“We just can’t win.”

I disagree. This attitude, while understandable, is precisely what those who are illegitimately in power, want you to believe. Believe that you are disempowered and you are disempowered.

This attitude can be changed. Frankly it must be changed. Challenging, it will take effort and time. So here are the simple things: Did you vote in your last local election? Have you met your local elective officials or their staffs? Do you know the name of the watch commander for your local law enforcement region? Does your junior high and high school have a debate team? What is the college attendance rate for high schools in your community?

Greater diversity among law enforcement staff is a start. What will cause things to change are a more diverse community of prosecuting attorneys and judges. And then there is the issue of local accountability. What are the choices being made (financial mainly) about how public money is spent on weapons v. community relations?

My point is this: grief and despair can be resources to generate the will to change. Stephon Clark’s death occurred during the political race for district attorney in Sacramento County. This is usually a sleeper election when someone already anointed in the DA’s office will get the job or keep it. I suspect that will not be the case for the next election.


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