When I was a college student I worked at a depository library facility. Think of a warehouse full of books and newspapers and other literature in all sorts of different languages. One day I was assigned to work on a pile of old, old, old newspapers. Mostly they were German-language periodicals. I had to write down the date of the first piece in the collection and the last date, put that on a card and tie the bundles together. I slowly realized that the newspapers all stopped being published as the strength of the Nazi Third Reich was growing.

We need to be afraid, very afraid and quite frankly very fierce.

Two forms of revenge come to mind: media outlets should consider only sending people of color especially women to cover the White House; the other suggestion is to stop covering the White House. Just stop. Use other sources. Given how craven POUTS 45 is, I’m sure he will start calling reporters using a fake name.


Veteran Cat Servant

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