Monotheistic patriarchal religious theology, ugh. Yes Jesus of Nazareth was an amazing individual and the center of a philosophy that can be awesome, but here's the thing at what point do and can you choose to have your own relationship with the Divine? Christian fundamentalism doesn't like people to answer this question. Way too scary.

You are inspiring me to write about the monkey on my back that I am fighting. It is a substance that is perfectly legal, comes in pink bags or boxes with two initials on the label. Fighting the MF is not sweet.

The day before I read your brilliantly thoughtful and informative piece, I was thinking about my childhood in St. Louis, Missouri. During the summers of the 1960s and 1970s. a popular entertainment was a river cruise on the party ship the SS Admiral.

The trips were fun, however, I would always find myself looking at the stones that lined the wharf area knowing that they had been placed most likely by Black slaves.

Daphne Macklin

Veteran Cat Servant

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